Monday, April 28, 2014

The King's new clothes: King and Prince Beach Resort and Golf Club

Unlike the fairy tale, this king's new clothes look as good as they feel. The King and Prince has been a popular destination on St. Simons Island, GA since the late 1930s. It has had many renovations over the years, but the most recent one is a winner.

The noisy indoor pool is gone and in its place a casual seating area, already popular bar, cozy banquets, tables and Echo, a restaurant with emphasis on fresh, local and responsible harvesting.
Bar is popular with guests and locals.
Outdoor dining.

The breakfast bunch.
Oh, and an unbeatable view of the ocean and shipping in and out of Brunswick's busy port.

Cozy banquettes and an open kitchen.
The whole lobby has an airy, elegant look that invites guests to linger and see who else is checking in.

One thing has stayed the same: the staff is as pleasant and helpful and imbued with Southern hospitality as ever. 

Tip: Alas, a problem for levelers can't be avoided in the older part of the hotel. Steps. As additions and adjustments came along, it took a series of stairs to tie them all together.  I'd recommend asking for a room in the newer wing, where elevators and breezeways connect upper levels to the main building.

Other that, it's happily level as is the island itself.

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