Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love levees?

Love them? Frankly I never thought of them but a new travel friend, Lucy Tobias, has written a great blog on how much fun they are to walk on.

Lucy, author of 50 Great Walks in Florida, is an authority on the authentic areas of the state that tourists too rarely encounter.

Tip: And of course it's Florida which is 95 percent flat, Levelers.

Her website is a source of many good tips, but see for yourself. Here's the link to Loving Levees:


I'm in Atlanta at the moment for a meeting of professional travel writers throughout the Southeast. If I run across any other goodies, I'll share.

By the way, a phlebotomist - that's a nurse practitioner who draws blood - at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville gave me two tips perfect for travelers.

According to her, the best hand sanitizer is Walgreen's store brand.

And for those cuts and scrapes before, during and after traveling, Nexcare bandages stay on better than the more famous brands such as the one with the name that is synonymous with the product.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Off the road again

Levelers, I'm sure you can feel my pain because I'm getting a new hip soon. I'll be off the blogosphere for awhile but I have lots of neat things to share about Thailand and Lexington, KY, as soon as I can sit at the computer long enough to write them (anyone who's had joint replacement knows it takes 3-4 weeks before your brain begins to function properly).

So please keep traveling and share your finds and tips with me in the meantime. I may get one more blog in before surgery but that's a big "may".

                                                                       - Judy

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