Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel on the Level

This won't be your average personal diary-type blog.

With 14 years of accumulated
"leveling" to share, I'll be interspersing that along with new-found options for seeing the world the easy way.

Information and advice so you can See more, climb and walk less.

Ouch! Life and accidents happen - a bad knee, tennis elbow, arthritis, a muscle pulled hefting luggage, an ankle twisted negotiating cobblestones - but don't let them ruin your trip or keep you from traveling.

I didn't, despite
three knee surgeries including two replacements, back surgery, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and just plain klutziness.

Flat is where it's at when you hurt * which is why I've created this site and the blog, Travel on the Level, to help keep you on the go with tips and how-to's.

For 12 years I've sought out easier ways to see cities, countrysides and monuments. I've taken note of how to avoid stairs or strenuous climbs, alternate sites when you can't and what's worth the effort. Accessible travel sites help all of us.

Did you know there's an elevator in the Coliseum that will take you to and from a prime viewing area?

I ask other travel professionals about their favorite flat places to visit, make notes on which cabins on cruise ships to book so you won't walk yourself to death and which sites and ships really do accommodate us gimps of the world.

Orthopedists and therapists tell me - and you - how to condition yourself for a safer trip and what to do to be more comfortable in case of accidents.
Example: Dr. Mark Brodersen, head of orthopedics at
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, told me that RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation - is the preferred method of treatment for most painful sprains, strains and twists.

I personally test and rate travel equipment from gadgets to gear and apparel that may make travel easier.

You can count on the information being on the level, too. No puff pieces. If
you'll be huffing and puffing and disappointed after reaching a destination, I'll let you know.

Example: During a Yangtze River cruise, guides will encourage you to see the mausoleum of modern China's founder, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, in Nanjing. Don't bother to climb those 392 steps.
Fellow travelers who did described it as so-so. Much better to enjoy the idyllic park and the rather nice shops surrounding it.

All of this and more you will find on my blog below, Travel on the Level.

Join in. See more but walk and climb less! Please.

Share your tips, quips, anecdotes, antidotes and advice.
Tell us about your easy-to-negotiate travel discoveries.

Receive my latest updates and info automatically.

Together we can see the world the easy way: Traveling on the Level.

* Yes, I know that's bad grammar but when you hurt, grammar and grace go out the window.

I'll include your contributions, too. Check back often and
email me with any questions you might have.

All contents of this website and blog copyrighted © by Judy J. Wells.

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