Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Almost normal again and ready to travel

If you've missed new posts, Levelers, know that it can't be as much as I've missed traveling. It's been over a year since influenza kicked off 2013, the year from hell health-wise.

Broken foot transportation - boot, knee-cycle and shoe.
A broken left foot during a trip to the Outer Banks in April sidelined me for three months of no weight-bearing, no exercise and no driving.

Broke the travel drought with the annual Good Girls in the Badlands road trip (see www.goodgirlsinthebadlands.blogspot.com), this year through central and western Georgia, despite badly swollen and still sore foot.

On the way from scenic train to Blue Ridge emergency room. Photo by Debi Lander.
While waiting for the departure of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, made a wrong move and my left (artificial) hip dislocated. Two months and two more dislocations later, the good surgeons at Mayo Jacksonville performed a hip revision, confirming that the main problem was a rare condition, trunnion corrosion (mine is the 18th case seen in 10 years), exacerbated by those three months of no weight-bearing.

I've been in rehab ever since.

The bad news: Still have another month or so to go of monitored physical therapy with a lifetime of it on my own.

The good news: I've been cleared, with restrictions, to fly to Portland, OR, for a meeting and some sightseeing the end of February.

So, after a year of being wrapped, strapped and braced, motivating via knee and  electric scooters, walkers and canes, I'm heading for the Level (and not-so level) to once again share with you the easiest travel routes.

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