Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travel lovers' treat: SATW travel auction

Everybody likes a deal and have I got one for you. Each year, the Society of American Travel Writers holds an online auction of fabulous getaways and every year there are amazing bargains snapped up.

See for yourself at www.satwauction.com, where you will find, among other tempting possibilities,
- an ultra luxurious stay in Bali,
- a Fairmont Hotel package for the best of the Canadian Rockies at Banff and Lake Louise, 
- a 5-night Maine Windjammer cruise,
- a 3-night package at Venice's Londra Palace Hotel or
- a West Virginia Snowshoe Mountain ski package.

Lots of nice flat getaways too - St. Andrews, Scotland;  Cancun, Mexico; Washington, DC; Nashville, TN; the North Carolina shore; San Antonio, TX; Orlando, FL; Las Vegas.

Bidding closes Nov. 20. Good luck unless you're bidding for what I want!


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