Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh off the hanger

The less you pack, the lighter the bag, the easier the trip. We all know that but how is the problem. 

I just road tested FRESHhanger, a start toward the solution. 
You know how the third time you go to wear a blouse it looks okay but just doesn't feel fresh? If you'd left it in the closet overnight atop a FRESHhanger, it will seem as fresh as when you first packed it.
These are covers, infused with activated carbon technology, that take up almost no space at all and slip over any style of clothes hanger. Put your oft-worn blouse, shirt or jacket over it and in four hours, voila! staleness gone.
A daytime shirt that is usually good for 2, at most 3, wearings, I wore five times on a recent trip to Mexico. An evening top exposed to cigarette smoke was ready to go again the next night.

 FRESHhangers come five to a package for $14.95 and you can find all about buying them at or by calling 866-530-6580.


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