Thursday, August 27, 2009

Luxurious Laziness

QM2's library.

If relaxation tops your to-do list, consider making a transatlantic crossing.

It's the perfect Leveler travel.

Imagine, six days at sea, no demands, no phones, all the distractions you want and none that you dread. Planned activities galore if you want them, an ocean of waves to contemplate if you don't. Great entertainment and 24-hour food. Naps count as activities!

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 is the only liner making such crossings on a regular basis and she's a beaut. One of the prettiest libraries afloat or ashore, wonderful bands and tea dances and the kind of evening ambiance rarely seen anymore.

                                                                          Main dining room.

Do dress - up
Daytime is casual but dinner is an occasion. After six, you will dress for dinner: coats - no ties - for men the first and last nights out, cocktail attire or black tie all others. No shorts or jeans allowed outside of the gym and your stateroom. The Black and White Ball is a special night and passengers do follow the color code.

 An anachronism? Perhaps, but when your days have been leisurely and relaxed you look forward to making an effort for evening. You are traveling in a classic, civilized mode; live it to the max.

Your pet can be too; there's a kennel on board, complete with its own dog and cat loving staff.

Tip: Which is better, going west to east - New York  to Southhamption - or east to west? Read on.

If you look forward to on-deck activities, go west to east. Ship and weather patterns move at about the same speed making for balmier conditions.

Prefer to cozy up indoors? Reverse it. Going into the weather patterns, ship and wind combine for 40-knot "breezes" on deck - real hairdo ravelers. Be warned, though. West to east, the weather you leave with you'll probably have throughout the voyage. East to west you'll encounter whatever is heading toward Europe. 
Tip: For a mote detailed story on a Queen Mary2 crossing, go to


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